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Get ready to immerse yourself in a wild adventure in the heart of Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rica! Welcome to the most exciting kayak tour that will take you to explore an unparalleled natural paradise.

Imagine the morning dew caressing your face as you glide through the majestic canals of Tortuguero. Around you, lush tropical vegetation unfolds in all its splendor, enveloping you in a symphony of vibrant greens and bustling wildlife. With each paddle stroke, you will venture into a magical world where the secrets of nature unfold before your curious eyes.

Feel the thrill of spotting exotic Birds in flight as elegant Herons soar gracefully above the calm waters. Your ears will be captivated by the songs of colorful Toucans and the melodic calls of Kingfishers. Don’t be surprised if a curious sloths peeks out from the branches, observing you with tenderness as you enjoy this unique experience, The roar of Howler monkeys will accompany us on our way, reminding us that we are immersed in an ecosystem teeming with life and wonders to discover. We will witness the beauty and fragility of the local flora and fauna, from exotic orchids to fascinating insects and energetic hummingbirds buzzing around us. And there’s more to explore. We will Kayak through the meandering rivers that border the park, marveling at the aquatic biodiversity unfolding before us. From majestic Birds to silently gliding Spectacled Caimans , each moment will immerse us further into the richness of this natural sanctuary.

So,Adventurers from all around the world, are you for a journey that will leave you breathless? Join us on this Kayak tour in Tortuguero National Park and discover the magic of wildlife in its purest form. Book Now! and get ready for an experience that will be etched in your hearts forever!



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  1. The Kayaktour with Arthuro was just amazing.
    He was really nice and knew so many things about the animals.

    I enjoyed the kayaking through the jungle. I saw a lot of monkeys, birds, aligatores and other wildlife.

    I totally recommend this tour!!!
    I had an amazing time!!!

    Thank you for this great adventure!

  2. Estamos encantados con la excursión que hicimos con Arturo con kayak por los canales de tortuguero! 100% recomendable, si volvemos a Costa Rica repetiremos!!! 😊

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