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Since 1,930 this paradise was already occupied with at least five local families, the neighbors or citizens of this village are well known as happy and contented human beings, today all citizens still treat you as a member of the family within this peaceful culture Community, Here! The locals speak “Creole” as well as the Spanish language, this popular dialect belongs to Jamaica and is a mixture of French, English and Spanish. On the journey you will know it!

Tortuguero Ee one of the most important international nesting sites for sea turtles & as part of this tour experience you will learn more about this information plus you will also learn how to prepare your own Caribbean snacks, a native will explain more about how to make an exquisite cocktail is up to you, the excursion is through the village seeing structures of old houses of native families that can still be found.

We will also come to visit the new Caribbean Calypso school. Here local children come to receive free music education, it is a private project about the ongoing thinking of a Colombian couple for the benefit of the community (Caribbean calypso music is endangered) African music with an interesting history behind it, sung by slaves.

The tour then ends at the SCT Sea Turtles Conservation, where you will learn more about the turtle nesting process. and Conservation in the area, this tour is a unique Experience & focuses on keeping in touch with Our Roots and Native Wise People of the village. The duration of the tour is at least two hours with the hope that you will feel like one of us.



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