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Welcome to the Monkey’s paradise project Costa Rica

Our Tour circuit it’s done into the 6th newest Cantón of Limón province its called (Guácimo) where you will have the nearest contact with the Nature and biodiversity around Staying into the Biological preserve land for One day trip or either doing camping 🏕️ overnight..

Since June 26th in 1971, this Land It is considered one of the most important regions for the supply of water resources in the Atlantic region.

It has areas of rocky mountains of great water value, beautiful rivers and waterfalls that are used by neighbors and visitors as family recreation and leisure sites.

Forest: It is made up of a large area of forest south of the cantons of Guácimo and Pococí (93% primary forest), it has three life zones that present more than 90% of its coverage with the presence of mature forest. Likewise, it includes gallery forests and aquifer recharge areas. Aquifers: The presence of high forest cover, high rainfall and temperatures have allowed the formation of the Guácimo, Guápiles and Santa Clara aquifers. Its recharge occurs through direct infiltration of rain and its discharge is essential to contribute to the Guácimo, Jiménez and La Roca rivers. Rivers Rivers: There are the most important rivers in the lower part, such as the Guácimo, Jiménez, Sucio, Elia and Toro Amarillo rivers, among others, whose flow is favored by the waters that emerge from the aquifers in the foothills of the mountainous area.

If you are really into photography and Keep Awesome memories this is a great opportunity to live the Full day activity Monkey’s Paradise Tour, its magnificent responsable Tourism, this is a Private Conservation area with news trees Reforestation is thought with the mainly resolution to attract more Local Fauna to protect them to make a save environment for Flora, you could leave your footprints sawing your own tree.

Immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s lush nature with a unique experience at Monkey’s Paradise, an exclusive private reserve located in the canton of Guácimo, Pococí. With over 9 hectares of pristine jungle, this project is a dream for eco tourism and adventure enthusiasts.

At Monkey’s Paradise, we offer you the opportunity to deeply connect with nature as you explore our reserve through exciting guided hikes. During the day, admire the diversity of local flora and fauna as you walk along scenic trails surrounded by lush trees and crystal-clear streams. Our expert guides will lead you through the jungle, pointing out unique species of plants and animals that call Monkey’s Paradise home.

But the real magic begins as night falls. Join one of our nocturnal hikes and discover a whole new world of wildlife. From the howling of howler monkeys to the gentle hum of nocturnal insects, each step will bring you closer to Costa Rica’s vibrant nocturnal biodiversity. With a bit of luck, you may spot animals such as sloths, tree frogs, owls, and much more, all while immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere of the moonlit jungle.

Monkey’s Paradise also offers a unique camping experience, where you can spend the night under the stars and wake up to the songs of tropical birds. Our camping area features basic yet comfortable facilities, including resting areas, campfires, and outdoor bathrooms, so you can enjoy nature to the fullest without compromising your comfort.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure at Monkey’s Paradise! Book your tour today and discover the wildest and most beautiful side of Costa Rica.

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