A unique fishing experience

Welcome to the thrilling Native Fishing Tour in the breathtaking Tortuguero National Park!

🎣 Native Fishing Tour in the Waters of Tortuguero National Park 🎣

Duration: 4 hours (morning or afternoon)

Description: Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique fishing experience as we explore the majestic waters of Tortuguero National Park. Our native fishing tour will not only allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of this tropical paradise but also learn traditional fishing techniques used by local communities for generations.


1. Meeting at the Main Dock (5:45 AM or 11:00 AM): Our friendly local guide will welcome you at the main dock of the park, where your fishing adventure will begin. We’ll provide a brief introduction to the tour and equip you with everything you need for a successful fishing day.

2. Navigating the Canals (1 hour): On board a typical boat, we’ll venture into the intricate canals of Tortuguero, surrounded by lush vegetation and a variety of wildlife. During the journey, our guide will share stories about the importance of fishing in the local culture and the conservation of aquatic life.

3. Traditional Fishing (2 hours): You’ll learn fishing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation by local communities. We’ll use traditional fishing rods and learn how to catch native species like guapote and machaca. Your guide will teach you the secrets to spotting fish signals and increasing your chances of a successful catch.

4. Sharing Stories and Wisdom (1 hour): After the exciting fishing session, we’ll relax in a natural setting and engage in conversations with our local guides. They’ll share anecdotes about their own fishing experiences and their relationship with the aquatic environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and delve into the local culture.

5. Return to the Dock (11:00 AM): After a memorable morning or afternoon, we’ll sail back to the main dock, once again admiring the natural beauty of the canals and beaches of Tortuguero.

Join us on this thrilling Native Fishing Tour and discover the authenticity of life in Tortuguero National Park as you learn fishing techniques that have been an integral part of this region for centuries! Not only will you take away unforgettable memories, but also a deep appreciation for the connection between local communities and their aquatic environments. Reserve your spot now and come experience fishing the traditional way in a paradise-like setting!



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