Tortuguero National Park, a natural treasure on the stunning Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to know to plan your journey to this ecological paradise.

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Getting to Tortuguero from Europe: Before exploring this Costa Rican paradise, you’ll need to get to Costa Rica. Flights from Europe typically land at Juan Santamaría International Airport, located in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. From there, you can choose to take a domestic flight to Limón or a bus journey to the Limón region, where Tortuguero is located.

Explore the Magic of Tortuguero:

  1. Sea Turtle Watching: One of the highlights of Tortuguero is its contribution to sea turtle conservation. Join one of the nighttime tours and marvel at the nesting of green turtles and leatherback turtles on the beaches. This unique experience will connect you with nature in an unforgettable way.
  2. Canoe or Kayak Tours: Navigate through the intricate canals of Tortuguero, where you’ll be surrounded by an astonishing diversity of wildlife, including caimans, sloths, monkeys, and a wide variety of birds. These tours are ideal for nature and adventure enthusiasts.
  3. Jungle Hiking: Explore the trails that wind through the dense rainforest of the park and discover the beauty of its flora and fauna. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the lookout point for a panoramic view of the lush vegetation.
  4. Visits to Local Communities: Learn about Costa Rican culture and the life of local communities in Tortuguero. Explore the history, cuisine, and traditions of this Caribbean region.

Where to Stay and how long should you spend in Tortuguero: Most people stay 1 or 2 nights, Tortuguero offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging from eco-lodges to luxury hotels. Some of the most popular places to stay include Mawamba Lodge, Tortuga Lodge & Gardens, and Pachira Lodge, Green Macaw Hostel, Meriscar Hotel, Hote El Icaco, Casa Chilamates Airbnb and more options..

Conclusion: Tortuguero National Park is a must-visit destination for any nature lover exploring Costa Rica. Discover the richness of wildlife and natural beauty in this Caribbean Coast region. From turtle watching to canal exploration, Tortuguero will leave you amazed. We hope this guide inspires you to explore this ecological gem of Costa Rica!

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